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Painting with over seven hundred other professional artists during The International Plein~Air Magazines first annual conference in Red Rock, Las Vegas, Nevada.


John H. Burrow is an American/Canadian artist.
He shares his love of nature with others through his work.
John's acrylic and oil paintings are always bright, full of color and imbued with a sense of joy and 
playfulness. When people see his paintings for the first time , they frequently comment about how good his work makes them feel.

John's past experience in the field of commercial art
has given him the versatility to paint different genres. At a time when most artists attempt to "get branded" and paint only in
one recognizable style, John is a renegade. He enjoys being able to express his warm memories of growing up in a small New England town using a folk art style. But when he wants too capture the beauty of an old farmhouse surrounded by a luxuriant garden, he chooses to use a more impressionistic "impasto" technique. The Canadian landscape, and the
"Group Of Seven" painters school of painting is also a source of inspiration for John.

He can be frequently found painting en-plan-air...  
(painting outdoors) in a more free and fluid painterly style.

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